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July 17th, 2007
Another Rant

So the bicyclists in Portland are all up in arms about being ticketed for such violations as rolling through stop signs. (That’s “failure to come to a full and complete stop” last time I checked, and I have been pulled over for it while driving a car.)

You know what I have to say? Boo-hoo to you. Here’s what I don’t get. Bicycle groups and their activists get all worked up that they don’t get the same respect on the roads, that car drivers aren’t respectful, that cops target them, etc etc.

What I have to say is this. Every time I drive through Portland I have to assume that the bicyclists I see will break the law, because nine out of ten that I share the road with do break the law. They don’t stop at stop signs or stop lights, they don’t yield for pedestrians. In short, they ignore the traffic laws that I have to follow, and which they are also required BY LAW to follow as well. I have to assume that a bicyclist coming up to a four way stop is going to blow on through, and I have to wait for them to avoid hitting them.

I read about how these mass bicycle rides get upset because police won’t let them block green lights for opposing traffic – since when did being on a bicycle make you special enough to ignore red lights?

When more riders than not start following basic traffic laws, the same traffic laws I have to follow in a car, then I will start respecting them as a group. I do respect them on the roads, as I do all folks I share the roads with. But I’ll slam them as a bunch of whiny lawbreakers on my blog with impunity.

So you got ticketed rolling through a stop sign. Boo hoo. That’s the law, whether you like it or not. It’s not a question of fairness, you broke the law and deserved the ticket.

As a pedestrian, I hate bicyclists. I’ve never been run over by a car, but I have been sideswiped by a guy on a bike. And he didn’t stop to see if I was okay. For a group that gets all up in arms about their rights on the roads, bicyclists have next to no respect for peds. I’ve never seen a bicyclist yield to pedestrians, something they are also required to do by law, just like cars.

So, in short… it’s definitely a subject that makes me rant. All I want is to see this group start following the law, the traffic laws all drivers and riders ON THE ROAD have to follow. Don’t whine about your traffic ticket. Understand that YOU BROKE THE LAW and deserve that ticket.

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July 12th, 2007
Mmmm Jam

I made raspberry jam the other day. My mom and brother and sister picked the berries, and I drove down to their house to make jam for me and for them. It’s delicious…

I want to do more canning and preserving this summer. I never did a lot before because of space constraints… where to store said jars of food? But now that we have a basement,  I can do a lot more.

We have a pear tree in the backyard so I might can pears. I definitely want to make blackberry jam when the berries are ripe, and salsa and pickles too.

It seems like canning and preserving is becoming a lost art. I hope to keep it alive a little longer. There is something really rewarding about it.

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