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July 30th, 2009
Blueberry Shortcake

One of my favorite summer desserts is blueberry shortcake. We have two blueberry bushes, one on either side of the steps in front of our house, and this year we’ve had a bumper crop. There are few things better than fresh-picked blueberries.

For shortcake, I like to buy the shortcakes from New Seasons Market, they’re kind of like a cross between a scone and a biscuit. The cream biscuits at Whole Foods are okay too. I could bake my own, but it’s too hot to bake.

Get real whipping cream, it’s way better than the stuff in a can. I will often use my food processor to whip it, it works like a charm! Just add a smidgen of sugar and some vanilla extract (or almond extract for a different taste) and whip it good.

First, shortcakes go in bowl. Dump a heap of blueberries on top. I just rinse them, don’t even bother with sugar or anything, they are sweet enough on their own. Add a dollop of whipped cream, voila SUPER TASTY!

I hate the heat but summer does have its perks.

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July 25th, 2009
Why I Have A Problem With Juries

A jury in Clackamas County found parents, who prayed while their child died instead of calling 911, not guilty of second-degree manslaughter.

In explaining their mixed verdict, the presiding juror emphasized that the Worthingtons did not intentionally cause Ava’s death, even though intent was not a requirement for a guilty verdict on either charge.

“Regardless of what the instructions were, a lot of people on the jury believed there was supposed to be intent,” said Ken Byers, one of two jurors who believed Carl Worthington was guilty of manslaughter. “Some people couldn’t clear that hump.”

Mind the word “regardless” here. The judge explains the laws that are to be applied to the case and says that intent is not necessary for a guilty verdict. And yet the jury disregards this instruction and doesn’t return a guilty verdict because the parents didn’t intend to kill their daughter – they just let her die. Oh, wait, they prayed too.

Justice was not served for that poor little girl. The way I see it, if you are relying on faith instead of modern medicine, you do have intent to kill your children – you intend to let nature take its course, if God does not see fit to miraculously heal your child and save their life. In other words, you intend to let your children die.

But all that is neither here nor there. Intent is not needed for a guilty conviction of manslaughter. It doesn’t matter if they intended to kill their child or not. Here’s the law, go read it yourself. Manslaughter in the 2nd Degree. Seems pretty cut and dried to me. It’s laid out pretty clear in the definition of neglect:

Neglect or maltreatment  means a violation of ORS 163.535 (Abandonment of a child), 163.545 (Child neglect in the second degree) or 163.547 (Child neglect in the first degree) or a failure to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter or medical care that is likely to endanger the health or welfare of a child under 14 years of age or a dependent person.

Then there’s this: “Other jurors backed off on the manslaughter charge, he said, because they were convinced that the Worthingtons were good people and they felt sorry for their loss.” (Ken Byers again.) REALLY? REALLY? Oh boo hoo, you let your child die, we’re so sorry for you, we won’t hold you responsible for her death, you didn’t really mean it!

Jury FAIL.

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July 23rd, 2009
Sock Summit 2009

Okay, how cool is this?? Sock Summit 2009 takes place August 6-9 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland OR. It will be:

the biggest gathering of sock related stuff we know of, and an absolutely unprecedented gathering of North America’s hand-dying community. More than 150 vendors gathered together in a hall to bring you the best of everything we could think of that relates to socks and sock knitting. (There’s some regular knitting stuff there too. Although we can’t imagine it, you might want to make something other than socks sometime.)

Check out the list of vendors! I have August 7 off, so you can guess where I’m going to be!!

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July 20th, 2009
From Twitter To Blogging

In the two years since I stopped writing here I started writing almost daily at my cosmetics blog Claire’s Beauty. In the last six months I’ve become a total Twitter-aholic. I blame my phone.

Last October, I bought a T-Mobile G1, the Android phone that does everything except bring me breakfast in bed. It comes with apps. Like… Twitter apps. A real browser. An IM client…

So I started using Twitter regularly and now have to re-learn how to write properly using more than 140 characters. Also, I tend to tweet as my cats more than as myself, so I also have to learn to stop writing in semi-lolspeak. Life is tough, let me tell you.

I used to write here so often, and now the idea of personal blogging has become really foreign to me. I’m used to writing ABOUT something, like cosmetics, not just blathering on about what I’m doing. Do people really care? Is anyone going to read this anyway?

I know the answer, which is a sort of yes. I’ve gotten enough traffic over the years to know that people will read this. If I write something particularly interesting to a lot of people, I even get comments – years later. It’s nuts.

I hope to learn how to do this again. I always enjoyed it, and there is a lot of my own personal history recorded here. Cheers to starting again.

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July 19th, 2009

My cats now have a blog! Go visit Theo & Tigsy at www.cat-tummy.com to read all about their adventures!

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