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August 20th, 2009
Dear Job Seekers

Since we put up our “Now Hiring” sign in our window, we get all kinds of people coming in wanting applications. We’re in a mall, so I suppose some of the more interesting people are ones who were shopping and just wander in.

But seriously. People, if you want to apply for a job, please don’t waltz in wearing cut-offs and flip flops! At least try to clean yourself up a little, show me that you are attempting to make a good impression.

Don’t go from store to store clutching a sheaf of applications either. Bring a folder or something to put them in. Absolutely DON’T fold the app into quarters and stuff it in your pocket! Geez.

BRING YOUR OWN PEN! One of my biggest pet peeves is people who come in on a Saturday, when we’re busy, ask for an app, ask to “borrow” my pen, and then proceed to fill out the application on my cashwrap counter. It’s small, there’s only one register, and HELLO! I need to ring people up, dumbass! But really, bring your own damn pen. Come prepared.

Don’t keep coming in every few days to bug me about the status of your app. How many times do I have to say “We’ll call you if we’re interested” before you get the message?

When filling out the application, DON’T put “see resume” in the job section. That means you’re either too lazy to fill it out, or you think you’re special and don’t have to fill it out. Either way, FAIL!

Please don’t list your mom, best friend, boyfriend, fiance, or kindergarten teacher as a reference. I am not interested in talking to these people. Former co-worker is marginally acceptable, but former supervisor will be a WIN! Seriously, if you can’t come up with at least ONE person who supervised you in some capacity then you are in trouble. I’ll take volunteer experience, if the volunteer coordinator can say things like “kept their commitments” and “showed up on time for events” etc. I will accept teachers if you were their student aide. But your kindergarten teacher? Hello? One more thing… please don’t put down dead people. I don’t care that they were your best reference and they just passed away. IF THEY’RE DEAD, I CAN’T CALL THEM, NOW CAN I?!?

Keep track of where you have submitted applications. I called a chick once for a phone screen, said the name of my store, and got HUH? as a response. Look Dumbass, if you can’t even remember where you left applications, why on earth would I hire you??

Oh the joys of hiring.

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