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April 19th, 2003
Comcast Sucks

On Wednesday, DH called to schedule the shut-off of our utilities–the usual, phone, power, cable internet. Stupid, STUPID STUPID Comcast IDIOTS decided that “Shut off service on the 30th” meant “Shut off service TOMORROW!” which is what they did. So, we have been without internet at home, since those MORONS have a 48 hour “policy” waiting time before they can turn our service back on. So… they can turn it OFF in no time at all, but according to their idiot call center tech (“tech”) “the machines” need 48 hours to restore service. What I thought about this yesterday verged onto the extremely profane, so maybe it’s good I didn’t have blog access. I have tried very hard to avoid swearing excessively, in keeping with the blogsnob rules. But believe me, yesterday (Friday) about all I had were many, many, varied four letter words.

On Friday, I decided to call the job people. I didn’t get the job. So, job call. No Job. This added to the profanity.

Unemployed. Soon to be indigent (indigent defined as being unable to actually keep a roof over my head and food on my table). We’ll be moving in with my inlaws by the 30th.

Today was good at the market. We did decently, despite the holiday weekend. I expect tomorrow will probably be dismal though.

If you need a computer consultant, DH is looking for a job too. He’s good. Really.

I’m at a friend’s house tonight. There BETTER be internet access when I get home tomorrow. If I don’t post tomorrow, you can bet I’ll be cussing again…;)

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  1. Linux Penguin says:

    Comcast sucks.

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