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July 22nd, 2002
One Angry Girl

I found (thanks to Robin at One Fat Bitchypoo) One Angry Girl. She has really cool t-shirts. I want the one that says “If Marilyn were alive today, she’d be too fat to model.” As a statement on our outrageously ridiculous “beauty” standards today, it’s great. Plus, it’s got a cool picture of the fabulous Marilyn on it.

Yeah, I don’t go off on my fat-acceptance soapbox much. So many others do it better then I do, but occasionally, I gotta rant. But I’m done now.

Otherwise, it’s just a Monday. This week I get to have my teeth drilled. Oh the joy. Oh the excitement. Can you tell I’m happy? *grimace*

Oh yeah, and the veggie kabobs were great. It’s all about the tahini-yogurt sauce. If you email me and beg, I might give you my recipe…*grin*

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One Response to “One Angry Girl”

  1. meg says:

    yeah, oag’s great, isn’t she? let’s all girlcott victoria’s secret!
    my personal favorite shirt from her site is “please prove your masculinity some other way”. i’ve wanted to say that my whole life.

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