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April 20th, 2004
Could Be Worse

Lots worse…

The idiot temp agency produced a temp to replace me — after telling the managers that they didn’t have any viable candidates. Gimme a break, they are an enormous agency.

Anyway, the gal they sent over has previous experience with the VBC — she had actually been a permanent employee a few years back, but left when the financial meltdown hit. She was surprised at how friggin’ cheap the company has gotten. I was afraid I was going to have to spend the next two weeks training a total dimwit, but she’s smart and funny and a lot like me, so I think we’ll get along fine.

I am FURIOUS with the temp agency though. Temps aren’t supposed to discuss wages between themselves, but once I figured out she didn’t like the agency any more than I did, I asked her what they’re paying her. It’s $2.00 an hour MORE than they are paying me. Why? Her asking salary was higher than what I said I’d take (I was desperate and had no idea what the going rate for a secretary was), so they gave me the shaft. To say that I am violently angry is an understatement right now. I can’t even say anything to them because I don’t want to get her in trouble (I like her and screwing her over wouldn’t make me feel better).

And you want to know what the REAL pisser is? They’re paying her what they paid my predecessor… so they’ve been collecting the same amount from the VBC for me as they did for my predecessor, and pocketing the difference. Those f&*&! a$$holes.


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4 Responses to “Could Be Worse”

  1. Nedra says:

    Man, that’s one of the shittest things I’ve heard the Corp. do. Wow. I’m sorry, but you are so better off not working there. They will eat you alive!

  2. Claire says:

    AMEN!! As long as it doesn’t last TOO long, I’m totally looking forward to some vacation, even if it isn’t by choice…lol.

  3. Shelley says:

    That is SO typical.

  4. Does the agency think it’s pulling a fast one on you, or on the VBC, or on both? Certainly if I were the person in the VBC who was responsible for selecting the temp agency, and I found that the agency was making more than the usual markup on someone it sent over, I would be less than pleased.

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