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May 27th, 2004

Today was one of the more icky days I’ve had in a while. The interview was okay, but I have the nagging feeling that I’m not fully qualified for the position — unless they want to take a chance on me and my stellar abilities to learn on my feet.

Then, I had an oral exam in French (sounds like a kinky dental appointment), which is nothing more than attempting to have a conversation with a partner for ten minutes on a given topic. Bleh. I don’t think we embarrassed ourselves TOO badly.

Then… (is there more?) the chapter exam was also this evening. That was bleh too. Stupid verb conjugations and prepositions.

But I’m done for a while. It’s all soap, all the time from now until next Tuesday. Yippee!!!!

Ooh, and some more new fragrances arrive tomorrow. The cinnamon vanilla came yesterday (yum, but needs more vanilla so I’m going to spike it) along with a few others. I loved the two large bottles I ordered (the c.v. and one other) but I’m sorely disappointed in the sample sizes I bought. A pear that doesn’t smell like a real pear, and an apricot that doesn’t smell like a real apricot — this does not excite me. I’ll probably end up mixing them with something else when I soap them up — ummm, maybe ginger with the pear (I got a smaller sample of ginger fig that is way heavy on the ginger, so it would be good), and something spicy to tone down the extreme sweetness of the not-apricot.

Soaping is a lot more fun than the rest of my life, I swear.

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  1. Claire, Mrs. Laquedem is eagerly awaiting the cinnamon vanilla!

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