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August 20th, 2004

The last two years have been really interesting. In August of 2002 I was worrying about finishing the summer term classes I was taking and trying to avoid worrying about what would happen in December when we finished school. In August of 2003, I was busy selling soap every weekend, and worrying about money (what else?) and trying to survive some icky anti-depressants.

This year it’s different.

This year I got a really good job, working for a non-profit organization whose mission I totally support, that pays pretty good. This year we have moved into a cute little studio apartment on NW 23rd. All our furniture fits without seeming cramped and did we mention the location? We live upstairs from a McMenamins, for crying out loud. I hop on a bus and am at work in about ten minutes.

This year my soap business is doing really well. I’m moving the soap into its own workshop next month, no longer having the desire or space to live with it any more. Soap workshop! Too cool!

This year I have health insurance. I’m going to the dentist next week. I’m going to a doctor in a couple of weeks for a check up. Amazing.

But the best part is, this year, DH has a job. A permanent, full-time, good salary and benefits for a company who does cool stuff type of job. The kind where we just vaulted from working poor to firmly middle class. We earn more than my parents do, now. We earn more money than I’ve ever had in my life. We won’t have to worry about money. We won’t have to borrow from family because the car needs new tires or I’m short and can’t pay for my medication this month, or the power bill was a lot higher than expected.

We have been working for a long time, waiting for this moment. I feel like I’ve arrived.

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