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March 10th, 2005

In all the fallout of My Lousy Week™, I never bothered to write about the first day back at the Portland Saturday Market. In a nutshell, it was great!

The longer version is that the weather was fantastic, there were quite a few people down there (although sales kinda sucked), and it was really great seeing all my market friends again after a two month break. PSM has updated their website, with descriptions of all the food vendors (craft vendors too…)

My current favorite food vendor is Tio Ramon’s Cuban Food. You can have either chicken or pork, with black beans and rice, red cabbage, and fried plantains (or bananas, some days). Yum!! Eat it around 11 am and you won’t get hungry again until late dinnertime.

Support local artists and craftspeople and food vendors! Visit Portland Saturday Market!

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  1. Debe says:

    I wish we had something like that market around here, sounds like fun.
    Have you been going to the “Side Dish” http://www.thesoapchat.com/forum/

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