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May 26th, 2006
Eye Love Shadow

I love eye shadow. I’m hopelessly addicted to color, except yellow, orange, and true red, that is.

Too Faced Cosmetics has some really awesome (if a bit spendy) eyeshadow duos that I just love. The duos Lovey Dovey, Shamrock Chic, and Suzy Ho Maker (yes, terrible name) are personal favorites, being the ones I actually own. I’m still holding out for I Know What Boys Want and Fantasy Island. See them all here.

Milani also has some really awesome shadows. Milani is a drugstore brand that can be rather hard to find in Oregon. So far, I’ve found it at the Jantzen Beach Target store (but no other Target), the Beaverton Kmart, I think one other area Kmart, and Ulta on Cedar Hills has a small selection. The whole line can be purchased from Walgreens.com. I have a LOT of Milani colors – I wore Rich Chocolate today with my Shamrock Chic. Moonlight (an irridescent pearl with blue) is a personal favorite too. Shock, Illusion, Enchantment, Limbo Lime, Blue Ice… I have so many. When Cover Girl was still making their cute 4-pan palettes, I found the Milani shadows fit perfectly in them (if you removed them from their plastic containers). I’m sad Cover Girl doesn’t seem to be making them anymore, because I adore having all my Milani shadows sorted by color in palettes.

I have several trios from Jafra as well, that I use a lot. I wish the packaging was more compact, but I love the colors. The bulk of them are from last summer’s limited edition color collection, so they are no longer available… but sometimes you can find them on eBay. L’Ocean is a particular favorite – when I wear this one, I get so many compliments from my co-workers and our clients. I wish their regular line shades were as stunning, but sadly, they are not. The ones I had, I have given to my mom, who likes more conservative colors.

Last, but definitely not least, I have become TOTALLY hooked on Stila Cosmetics’ Smudge Pots (see here). I have two colors, the new copper one, and a blue shimmer that was limited edition. I haven’t tried them as shadows (intimidating), but they knock my socks off as liners. If I could get my hands on the Jade color that was from their last collection, I’d be such a happy camper. eBay, I guess… Bobbi Brown has a similar product, I want to take a look at hers too.

Then there’s that which I don’t have, but strongly lust after… Paul & Joe (see here) have these amazing colors. I want Mer Au Clair de Lune for obvious reasons, and Chat Siamois (Siamese Cat) because I love the name, and the color does remind me exactly of a Siamese’s seal points.

In the category of “stuff I’ll probably never buy because it’s just waay too spendy” fall the new Vincent Longo Wet Diamond shadows (here). Verite, Mermaid Blu, and Dawn Flesh are simply AMAZING, but NO WAY am I paying that much for eyeshadow. I have to admit, that Verite would be to die for with the Stila Jade Smudge Pot though… if I manage to get a hold of the Smudge Pot, maybe I’d consider the Longo shadow, if only because I’d look like a million bucks in it. Who doesn’t want to look fabulous??

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  1. [...] Anyway, I’m excited as all heck because that Jade Smudge Pot from Stila that I was raving about here has come back! WHEEEEE!!! Of course, now we don’t have the Longo eyeshadow I mentioned in that post, but who cares. Stila also has a bronze one that is new, and when paired with Forest Clove trio, either the Jade or the Bronze would be spectacular. [...]

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