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September 12th, 2006

As I mentioned here, Dansko clogs really suck as work shoes. At least, I think so. They still seem to be much beloved by others, but nary a one of my co-workers who owns a pair likes them either. So I figure I’m going to do my best to telegraph my disgust for these shoes out into the world of the internewts.

I haven’t purchased any replacements yet because I still can’t bring myself to toss away such an expensive pair of shoes. So I continue to suffer. Also, I haven’t ordered the shoes from the internet because I’m concerned about buying shoes sight-unseen and un-tried-on.

Some of DH’s coworkers swear by Merrell shoes, and I’m also interested in Earth shoes. I need to find someplace that sells both locally so I can try them on. And don’t suggest The Walking Company. I hate those guys – they sold me the lousy Danskos and then were jerks about it when I came back a month later and said they were really hurting my feet.

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2 Responses to “Shoes”

  1. Betsy says:

    y’know, Zappos has free return shipping, and they include the label and everything to make it incredibly easy to send the shoes back. I got my Crocs from them; it was a totally painless experience. Plus, if you find a lower price online, they’ll refund you 110% of the difference, and they frequently offer free shipping.

    I thought it was kinda weird to buy shoes online, but friends convinced me to give it a try – and it worked well!

  2. marty krogh says:

    I own a small shop in North Portland called Art & Sole and we specialize in comfort footwear. I see that this post is pretty old and I’m sure you have shoes by now. Keep us in mind for your next purchase. The Danskos clogs can be pretty uncomfortable but they also work wonders for many people with foot trouble. We just got in some newer styles, with totally different construction and they are really comfortable, durable and also have slip resistant outsoles. If you ever get a chance, try a pair on and see for yourself. The shoe I like right now is the Cutter. We also sell NAOT, Red Wing, Pothia and WORX. We also have laces, polish, socks and what not. We do minor repair like sewing, patches, stretching and shines. Lastly, I pulled the thin leather insole out of my Dankso clogs and put in a super duper insole and they are great now… we can do that for you too. 503-285-SHOE

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